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Glass of Light

Glass of Light

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In the delicate glow of twilight, an object of elegance awaits - a candle, poised within a wine glass, marrying simplicity with sophistication. Meticulously crafted from eco-friendly soy wax, it offers over 45 hours of soothing light, the perfect companion for moments of serenity or celebration.

This candle is more than just a visual charm. It invites you to immerse in a personalized scent journey, be it the invigorating zest of citrus, the comforting warmth of vanilla, or the calming whispers of lavender. As the candle burns, your chosen aroma unfurls, transforming your space into a sensory sanctuary.

In essence, this is not merely a candle in a wine glass, but a versatile sensory experience, a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal and captivating fragrance, elevating every moment to something truly personal and profound.

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