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Vegan Handpoured Premium Bundle - Sisters of Valhalla

Vegan Handpoured Premium Bundle - Sisters of Valhalla

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Experience the perfect blend of tranquillity and elegance with our Personalized Scented Candle Bundle. This exclusive set features two meticulously crafted candles, made from 100% vegan soy wax. One of the candles, with a burn time of at least 25 hours, offers a long-lasting sensory delight, while the other, offering at least 12 hours of burn time, provides a compact yet equally enriching aromatic experience.

Both candles sit comfortably within our hand-forged metal candleholders, showcasing a timeless elegance that enhances any decor. Watch as the flickering flames illuminate the exquisite craftsmanship of the holders, creating a captivating ambiance.

Adding to this experience, each candle comes with its custom-made glass coaster. These beautiful pieces not only protect your surfaces but also capture and reflect the mesmerizing candlelight, contributing to the serene atmosphere.

Our bundle's luxurious presentation is completed with a handcrafted wooden gift box. Its natural warmth and grain texture offer the perfect packaging for your candles, candleholders, and coasters, making it a visual delight even before you've started burning the candles.

The total cost includes both the candles, the hand-forged metal candleholders, the custom-made glass coasters, and the wooden gift box, offering an all-in-one, indulgent sensory experience without any hidden charges. Illuminate your space and enliven your senses with our candle bundle, where every flicker brings pleasure and every scent tells a story.

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