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The frozen lakes of Sweden

The frozen lakes of Sweden

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”Frozen lakes of Sweden” is our way to celebrate the beauty of our lakes during the long winters. 

Dive into our elegant collection of artisanal candles, each poised on a refined clay plate and christened after some of Sweden’s most iconic lakes. Meet ‘Vänern’ at 15cm, the largest in our collection, followed by the tranquil ‘Vättern’ at 13cm. ‘Mälaren’ graces us at 11cm, with ‘Hjälmaren’ and ‘Storsjön’ completing the set at 9cm and 7.5cm, respectively. The earthy tones of the clay plates enhance the soft luminescence of the candles, creating an ambiance of serenity. Whether displayed as a collective or individually, these candles are bound to captivate and elevate any setting with their Nordic charm.


Choose between five sizes and make sure to check out our wax options. Our paraffin wax comes with a mesmerizing crystal finish while our soy wax has a calming smooth finish

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